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hey I'm chloe diana, your new favourite pop girly from essex, UK. I make dark pop music that tell captivating, relatable narratives that pull you into the world of each song. 

I grew up with music always playing in my house - a constant flow of melodies from the likes of stevie wonder to justin timberlake and norah jones. all that eclectic sound shaped me into the creative spirit I am today!


from a young age, I've always been getting lost in stories. whether it been in music, tv or film - I've always just loved the idea of escaping into a different narrative and getting attached to the characters like they are people I know. that's something I try to convey in my own artistry. 

now at 26, I'm diving headfirst into discovering who I really am as an artist and as a person. it's so easy to lose yourself in your 20s amidst all the chaos of life (which is something I've been and done) but now I'm ready to go within and get to know myself on a deeper level.


I aim to express my personal truths through cathartic lyricism and interesting production that you can sing (and maybe even dance) along to.

I believe in spreading light, living authentically, and being unapologetically you. join me on this journey of self-discovery through my music! let's have some fun together along the way. I can't wait to connect with you!

lots and lots of love, chloe x

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